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Construction and Demolition Waste Facility
Clay Extraction Pit
Change of Use
Bower Quarry Extension
Easter Bucklyvie Quarry
Fulfordlees Sand and Gravel Quarry
Reston Quarry
Skitten Quarry
Drift Mine in the Forest of Dean
Prestonhill Quarry
Skateraw Quarry
Rumbleton Sand & Gravel Quarry
Construction & Demolition Waste Facility
Glentress Eco Tourist Facility

Case Study // Construction and Demolition Waste Facility

Planning Application and Environmental Statement

The site is located in a Northumberland market town within an industrial estate where the company is based.

The application comprised the planning application and a detailed environmental statement which was required due to the proximity of new builds around the industrial estate.

The construction works have included increasing the height of the perimeter yard walls to control the noise levels being generated.

With the development of this facility the company is being able to market finished products from recycled construction waste.