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Construction and Demolition Waste Facility
Clay Extraction Pit
Change of Use
Bower Quarry Extension
Easter Bucklyvie Quarry
Fulfordlees Sand and Gravel Quarry
Reston Quarry
Skitten Quarry
Drift Mine in the Forest of Dean
Prestonhill Quarry
Skateraw Quarry
Rumbleton Sand & Gravel Quarry
Construction & Demolition Waste Facility
Glentress Eco Tourist Facility

Case Study // Skitten Quarry

Application for Exempt Activity

AMS Associates were appointed by the quarry operator to obtain an exempt activity from the environment agency to restore a first phase of their operations.

To ensure the success of the application extensive discussions took place with SEPA, Planning and Customs & Excise.

Subject to conditions applying to a site an infilling operation can be carried out exempt from landfill tax.

As part of the exercise the planning conditions were reviewed to ensure they complied with environment law. This entailed obtaining a legal opinion regarding there status.

For the application to be successful the infill material required to be fully detailed.

The registration of the exempt activity was obtained and allowed the client to secure a major groundworks contract.

On completion an enhanced habitat will be created.