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Construction and Demolition Waste Facility
Clay Extraction Pit
Change of Use
Bower Quarry Extension
Easter Bucklyvie Quarry
Fulfordlees Sand and Gravel Quarry
Reston Quarry
Skitten Quarry
Drift Mine in the Forest of Dean
Prestonhill Quarry
Skateraw Quarry
Rumbleton Sand & Gravel Quarry
Construction & Demolition Waste Facility
Glentress Eco Tourist Facility

Case Study // Drift Mine in the Forest of Dean

Valuation and Due Diligence Exercise

AMS Associates were appointed to carry out a valuation of a closed drift mine located in the Forest of Dean on behalf of the owners.

The purpose of the exercise was to raise funds to re-open the mine and commence production.

A walkover survey, including the coal faces and tunnels was carried out to determine the set up costs and all works required to commence operations.

The exercise also looked at the viability of the operation with regards to the ever-changing markets at that time.

Due to the result of the valuation the project did not proceed.