AMS Associates, Recent Projects and Case Studies.

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Construction and Demolition Waste Facility
Clay Extraction Pit
Change of Use
Bower Quarry Extension
Easter Bucklyvie Quarry
Fulfordlees Sand and Gravel Quarry
Reston Quarry
Skitten Quarry
Drift Mine in the Forest of Dean
Prestonhill Quarry
Skateraw Quarry
Rumbleton Sand & Gravel Quarry
Construction & Demolition Waste Facility
Glentress Eco Tourist Facility

Case Study // Change of Use

Detailed Planning Application

Having been contacted by a hotel owner who had been unsuccessfully trying to sell his hotel business for over two years we prepared a detailed planning application with supporting business plan for change of use from a hotel to residential property together with the lifting of a Section 75 Legal Agreement allowing in the future subject to planning development on the land contained within the overall site.